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Artificial Lawns For The Home

Our Artificial Grass can transform any area and is ideal for front lawns, back gardens, exhibitions, play areas and balconies. This would require no more mowing, no more weeding, no more mess!! A perfect well kept lawn all year round.

The Low maintenance factor, no need to cut or reseed and always looks its best regardless of the time of year. Hard wearing, whether that’s for pets, children or playing sports.

Many Different options available in Various synthetic surfaces are available in different colours, pile depth (grass height) and so on to suit your individual needs.

Artificial Grass Lawns

European Golf in association with LazyLawn excel in the provision of artificial lawn products into the home garden market. We provide synthetic garden products that give the look and feel of natural grass but offer the family (pets included) all the added benefits of the latest artificial solutions.

Overseas and especially in property developments worldwide, this 365 day a year synthetic turf looks fantastic all year round and what is amazing about this product is that it is totally maintenance free. That means all the benefits of a gorgeous garden without the need to water, mow or feed it.

At European Golf we recognise a child’s safety is paramount, whilst understanding the importance of an active lifestyle from an early age. This is why we pay special attention to creating safe and imaginative outdoor surfaces for young people.

European Golf also provides products suitable for the landscaping of areas such as central reservations and roundabouts as well as ranges for patio applications and general corporate use. First class presentation, low maintenance, particularly for difficult access locations, and durability in high usage areas are the hallmarks of European Golf leisure.


Largest Selection Of Artificial Grass

Below is just a couple of products from our catalogue of artificial lawns

Artificial Grass - Tour Fringe

Tour Fringe

Artificial Grass - Tour Pro Ultimate

Tour Pro Ultimate

Artificial Grass - Euro Golf Fringe

Euro Golf Fringe

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