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With our extensive range of products and services for homeowners to enjoy in their comfort of their back garden. The full natural looking, all weather bespoke offering of the artificial putting greens are one of the most desirable training option for any avid golfer. It offers the opportunity to improve their game on an unbelievable realistic quality putting surface. It can be installed in several sizes or custom fitted to any environment or golfer’s requirement. This is the cost effective, low-maintenance alternative way of having a synthetic putting green in your very own backyard. With 60% of strokes in an average round of golf based on your short game and more than 40% of a round is purely putting.

With bespoke options of fringes, hazards and even Tee Boxes to add, you can really make your very own green your own personal design. Incorporating undulations and slopes with the speed and roll of the ball mirroring that of a professional tournament green.

Non-Infill Greens (Putting Greens / Chipping Greens)

The ideal solution for short game, pitching, chipping and putting. The turf used in these greens are less rigid than Non-infill because the blades of the artificial turf are less rigid- and are not weighted by a layer of sand.

Infill Greens

Why choose a infill green – put simply it can offer the best all round solution for every potential golf shot you need to make.

Early in 2007 European Golf would never have entertained the idea of a sand infill green. We truly believed it was impossible to produce a realistic enough target green that incorporated a quality putting surface as well. Never has there been an infill product on the market that was good enough to be associated with the European Golf brand…

From travelling the globe European Golf have discovered a unique and exclusive infill turf that is quite simply the best on the market. When the ball hits the green from a long distance, the green has to react in exactly the same way as a green of natural grass. In order to absorb the energy from the ball it is necessary to use artificial grass filled with sand. The special round quartz sand will not compact.

European Golf Trained Installers place the exact amount of sand needed to achieve the most realistic putting surface with stimp speeds ranging from 8 to 12.

artificial putting green in garden
professional artificial putting green

Why Use European Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass Low Maintenance
Artificial Grass Pet Friendly
Synthetic Grass Durable
Artificial Grass No Mud
Artificial Lawn Looks Real
No Extra Costs
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European Golf Endorsements
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