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Driving Ranges

European Golf offer an extensive range of products and services for driving ranges to fully enhance the facilities – Our Tee Line turf is the best you can buy; Short golf courses can take your driving range to your next level; Mini Golf utilises spare land; Adventure golf attracts new visitors and children and synthetic putting greens provide an excellent practice area all year round. European Golf also provide a full installation service.

Synthetic turf as floor covering

Another perfect application for synthetic turf is the driving range building itself. It looks great as floor covering but most important it reduces noice and for that reason it helps to provide a nice atmosphere for the players. The driving range mats can be cut in the turf or laid down on top of the turf.

Tee Line Turf and Tee Mats

European Golf can now offer you the most up-to-date tee line turf available. The turf allows you to strike the ball off the turf realistically and also has the properties to hold a tee. This is perfect for practice and tuition all year round saving the summer tees and practice area turf for use in the height of summer.

Target Greens

For driving range purposes synthetic target greens provide an inexpensive long term opportunity to boost your image whilst providing a premium quality offering for clients. For the same reasons mentioned above, synthetic target greens offer you a significant cost saving over natural greens. Made from slightly lesser grades of synthetic material, the target greens “behave” just as a natural grass green, with the same minimal ongoing maintenance costs.

Innovation and Technology

To date, most synthetic putting surfaces are installed using several inches and layers of deep sand fill to make the grass fibres stand up, thus causing the putting surface to become very fast, unplayable and unrealistic. Most of these synthetic turf surfaces have a grain pattern that runs one way throughout the carpet, making the ball skip or hop across the grain; these deep sand filled greens also need periodic sand-fill and expensive top dressing. (Just like real greens!)

Golf Green Installation

European Golf offer a complete synthetic putting green installation service for your driving range from preparation and planning through to completion. Our experts can help you to evaluate the size, shape and location of the short golf course or practice area along with any landscaping requirements. After plans are finalised, our qualified installation team will be dispatched. They will prepare the base then sculpture, lay and seam the artificial turf. Extras may include fringes, bunkers and teeing areas. The result will be a superb new addition to your driving range.

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