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Installation Method

European Golf offer a complete synthetic putting green installation service for your golf course from preparation and planning right through to completion. Our experts can help you to evaluate the size, shape and location of the short golf course or practice area along with any landscaping requirements and, after plans are finalised, our qualified installation team will be dispatched. They will prepare the base then sculpture, lay and seam the artificial turf. Extras may include fringes, bunkers and teeing areas. The result will be a superb new addition to your golf course with synthetic putting greens comparable in quality to any USGA (United States Golf Association) specification putting green.

For additional peace of mind, all Putting Green Systems are installed exclusively by a team of certified and trained professionals. The European Golf installation team ensures premium quality is achieved every time.

European Golf are known for supplying the world’s most realistic synthetic putting greens. This is achieved by rigorous training, testing and ongoing seminars. European Golf dealers are qualified in all aspects of installation work such as:

• Locating an appropriate site.
• Base preparation.
• Turf sculpturing.
• Turf seaming.
• Verify roll and ball speeds.

Tour Links Modular Panel Base

A modular panel base provides the same results as an aggregate base but with one distinct advantage – it allows your synthetic golf green to be installed anywhere.

Aggregate Base

An aggregate base will provide an excellent foundation for your synthetic golf green.


European Golf offer a professional installation service but supply-only is also available for DIY enthusiasts. Every step of the installation is documented.

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