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Indoor And Outdoor Golf Facilities

European Golf Ltd have successfully managed to create a superb golf coaching environment in the varying spaces from an indoor coaching space to a tennis court size or even a football pitch. This in turn opens up a whole new era in golf coaching where you can learn all aspects of the game in your local neighbourhood in a venue you might not have associated with Golf.

The indoor or outdoor facility can incorporate dedicated areas for you to learn and practice every aspect of the game of golf in a safe and controlled environment. This could include a chipping green, putting area, or even driving bays. It really is an area you can bespoke to you requirements and amazing what you can do with area large or small.

The facility are suitable for golfers of all standards and has received great praise from European Tour Players and PGA professionals as well as some of the best amateur players. For all of those aspiring golfers, the facilities mean easier access allowing you to get the best possible start in the game.

Indoor & outdoor golf facilities remove some of the key barriers to participation in golf, accessibility is much easier because they can be locally positioned in places such as schools and leisure centres.

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Why Use European Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass Low Maintenance
Artificial Grass Pet Friendly
Synthetic Grass Durable
Artificial Grass No Mud
Artificial Lawn Looks Real
No Extra Costs
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European Golf Endorsements
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