Zero Emission HummerWelcome to Mini HUMMER Europe, we’re proud to exclusively offer you the GM licensed H3 HUMMER™ and the Roadster. Please browse the site and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our vehicles are now available for road registration within the UK, so whether you’re looking for a unique golf buggy or an electric vehicle for the city, we can provide the solution.

Golf is rapidly changing and we are very happy to be playing a part in changing the image of mobility around the course. Since launch, we have attracted the attention of many people in the celebrity golfing world, including the likes of Ian Poulter & Colin Montgomerie. Our products offer high quality fun and make your round of golf that little bit more enjoyable.

Mini Hummer Golf Buggy

The majority of our buggies are capable of a 70 mile range per 5 hour charge and out perform all other buggies in terms of build structure, available options, weight despersion, torque, speed and distance. We also offer the facility to easily alter the buggies software, controlling the speed and acceleration to suit different environments.

Whether you’re looking at our buggies for golf, leisure, land use, boating, hunting, city use, mobility, resort or marketing purposes, a representative of MHE will always be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The HUMMERS do appear slightly larger than the standard golf buggy; however, they weigh the same as a standard golf buggy and have less of an effect on the course due to far better weight displacement. The HUMMERS wheels are slightly further apart, therefore spreading the weight and creating the improved weight displacement. The same goes for all our buggy models. The buggies have been seen on many courses, Stoke Park, Woburn, Sotogrande, Royal Westmoreland and Celtic Manor to name a few.

h3 Hummer Golf Cart