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Modular putting greens

European Golf is delighted to present its superb new range of Modular Putting Greens, delivered in kit form ready for fast, simple D.I.Y. installation in just about any location, inside or out. All you need is a firm, stable surface and in minutes you’ll be on your way to improving your putting game.

The revolutionary way to practice your putting on a professional surface in the comfort of your own home.

The quality design of these Modular Putting Greens make them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Moulded bump rails, position chipping areas, patented floated cup and easy to store. With 1 training aid that has been labeled as “the best training aid ever developed” by PGA Professionals, and 6 other alternative Modular Putting Green designs and sizes to choose from, these Putting Greens are ideal for putting practice the whole year round.

Quickly and easily assembled and dismantled, European Golf’s Modular Greens are perfect for the home and garden, for business premises, shops and showrooms, for hotels, country clubs and leisure resorts, for pro-shops, academies and golf practice ranges, and for many other locations.

Modular Putting Greens

Product Range

Our product range of Modular Putting Greens fits spaces from less than 20 square feet (2 sq metres) right up to 220 sq ft (20.5 sq metres). Special shapes and sizes are available to order and ready to deliver. Ideal for serious putting practice, for coaching and tuition, for corporate events, social occasions, entertainment and pleasure, you’ll find these Modular Greens a snap to put together at a snip of a price. It’s a fact.

40% of all shots on the course are made with your putter. By reducing your number of putts per round, you will dramatically lower your score.

Bring golf indoors with a modular green! The revolutionary way to practice your putting on a professional surface in the comfort of your own home It provides the same results as an aggregate base but with one distinct advantage – it allows your synthetic golf greens to be installed anywhere.

Synthetic golf greens have practically no maintenance requirements. Your indoor golf green can look and play perfect all year round to provide a unique indoor experience.

An aggregate base is impractical for some areas such as indoors, balconies, roof tops or where access is limited for the delivery of materials. We now have a strong working relationship with the company Tour Links, which is a patented interlocking modular panel base system.

Any size at affordable prices

Whichever style or layout you choose, European Golf’s Modular Putting Greens makes it really simple for you to practice whenever and wherever you want at a price you can afford.

Play anywhere at any time!

Totally flexible, indoors or outdoors. Moulded bump rail on the above ground greens ensures the ball stays in play.

Easy to assemble and re position

Assembled panels flow over existing contoured terrain to create natural breaks. An optional extra is the contour pads which by varying their position under the modular can give you a variety of shots.

For more choices and information please visit our new European Online Shop

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Large modular putting green

Small selection of our Modular Putting Greens

  • Modular Putting Green 4ftx12ft

    4ft X 10ft Modular Putting Green

  • Modular Putting Green 4ftx12ft

    4ft X 12ft Modular Putting Green

  • 8ft X 10ft Modular Putting Green

    8ft X 10ft Modular Putting Green

  • 8ft x 12ft Modular Putting Green

    8ft X 12ft Modular Putting Green

  • 8ft X 10ft Modular Putting Green

    8ft X 10ft Modular Putting Green

  • 8ft x 12ft Modular Putting Green

    8ft X 12ft Modular Putting Green

Modular Putting greens Explained

Our greens consist of a number of half metre square tiles, which all interlock. Our greens can be assembled as a straight putting surface for a distance shot, or perhaps as a dogleg to provide a more challenging putting green. The biggest advantage you have with a modular putting green is that they are completely portable, so they can be easily transported and used at home, in a school, or even in a general public space. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor setup, weathering will not be a problem. Our greens are waterproof; UV protected against sun damage, stain resistant, and easily aintainable with only a modern vacuum cleaner.

Benefits of our greens

Are you a seasoned pro? Or are you a complete beginner? Our greens will be tailored to your needs, ensuring that your putting green facility will maximise your level of improvement. When placed on a sloped ground, the Tour Links panels will flex and mimic the underlying sloped ground creating a realistic putting green. When placed on a flat, level surface, the panels will remain flat. This allows a successful setup on any surface, which can then be transported, or packed away when not in use.

Modular Putting greens Technology

In a time of vast technological advancement within all industries, even the most traditional of sports have adapted new technologies to create greater products. In this case, European Golf brings to you, a putting green that uses the same modular panel technology as a modular base. Moulded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation virtually effortless for any golfing enthusiast.

Modular Installation

It is recommended that two people help setup a modular putting green. We estimate that it should take no longer than 30 minutes. The easiest installation method is either indoor or outdoor on a hard surface, whether it be tiles, carpet, or a wooden deck, the panels will slide together with ease. You then need to tighten the panels with the screws and washers provided. Our products have been designed to ensure that installation will not become a stumbling block for any of our customers. You will also receive a complete installation instruction booklet, with step-by-step instructions. Once set up, you then have your very own Modular Putting Green, to practice whenever you want!

You can simply visit our shop to see our range of modular greens, or call us today on 0844 770 7012 to discuss your requirements

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