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Outdoor Golf Courses

For years artificial (synthetic) grass has been used at the golf course, practice areas and for driving ranges. Now artificial golf greens are becoming increasingly popular among professionals, amateurs and golf clubs alike.

The realistic appearance and durability of artificial grass provides perfect greens on the course all year round. Your golf club members will enjoy a consistent quality and unbelievable feel and touch surfaces that is almost indistinguishable from real grass no matter the weather. Our professional team can take care of your golf course installation

Short Golf Courses

Outdoor golf

A Short Course is designed to be a smaller and more compact golf course. Short Courses can vary in size and length ranging from 3 holes – 9 holes, with the length of each hole between 20 and 160 metres long. The short course can be designed to include additional challenges such as optional bunkers and water hazards.

The short course can be an ideal addition to any golf facility. It can be the perfect environment to introduce new starters to the game of golf.

Your golf club members will enjoy playing on a professional quality surface all year round. artificial golf greens turf is a worthwhile investment as you will not need to worry about turf quality, golf course durability, weeds or similar issues.

Putting Practice Areas

Putting Practice

Every golf course should provide a practice area for Members. A typical practice area will consist of a putting/chipping green. This can all be provided with using European Golfs artificial turf. The green can be designed to your very own specification, from the contours of the green right down to the finest detail such as the pin position. This will enable your members to practice their short game before heading onto the course.

Practice Areas and driving ranges are becoming more and more popular with Golf course, where the issues of maintenance still remain as per the course. European Golf can provide a complete solution for this, could be mats or a synthetic turf Solution such as Tee Line (Link) for the driving area and target greens for the members to aim for. Call our golf course installation team now.

Utilising artificial turf/grass in your golf course practice areas will allow patrons to play any time of the year. Furthermore, the greens keeper will not be distracted from your main course because artificial turf requires little maintenance.

Artificial Golf Greens

Outdoor Golf

  • Making the most of any range/course facilities all year round
  • Prevent damage and costly time and money to maintain and repair
  • Low maintenance all year long

European Golf offer an extensive range of artificial grass products and services for golf clubs to fully enhance the course facilities – Short golf courses can introduce new golfers to the game; Mini Golf utilises spare land; Synthetic(artificial) putting greens provide an excellent practice area all year round; Winter tees and artificial greens allow your course to stay open all year round; target greens for something to aim, pathways are a practical feature all of the above are available to enhance the golfing experience for your members whilst giving you a low maintenance solution.

Why Use European Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass Low Maintenance
Artificial Grass Pet Friendly
Synthetic Grass Durable
Artificial Grass No Mud
Artificial Lawn Looks Real
No Extra Costs
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European Golf Endorsements
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