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Putting Green Innovation

Through our years of experience in the artificial grass market we have developed two types of products for our golf greens and putting greens. First of all we have our Tour Pro Ultimate (TPU), this is a dedicated product that we use to create the ultimate practice facility for putting and chipping from no more than 15/20 yards dependant on ground levels etc.  The (TPU) turf from European Golf is designed “off the shelf” to putt like a real “tour green”

The Tour Pro Ultimate surface has a stimp speeds comparable to most Professional Tour Events without large amounts of sand fill or top dressing at all. Our new turf fibres have been manufactured to stand up naturally, this turf has virtually no grain therefore reducing hops and skips, and the ball rolls the same in all directions. The tips of the fibres have been bent to simulate the true roll of a real bent grass green.

Our Second Product is our Tour Pro infill (TPI), this is a sand infill green that is suited to receiving shots from any types of distance. This product requires a specialised installation with many key materials used by our highly skilled fitting team, so that the green works to its maximum potential. Our diagram shows a typical installation procedure for our (TPI). Once the sand has been top dressed with our unique green sand, the green is then rolled to a required stimp speed that the customer requires.

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Choosing the Right Golf Turf

European Golf work closely with developers all over the world to continually improve and perfect synthetic turf so that we are able to provide our customers the very best technology offers. Our turf has undergone several years of research and development, creating an efficient, yet affordable installation process. Best of all, our putting surfaces look and putts just like real grass greens, they can be chipped onto and they have excellent ball holding capabilities.

The putting greens serve its “users” current putting and chipping needs and shaves shots off their handicap. Our Greens are comparable to the majority of greens found on the PGA European Tour.

European Golf uses artificial turf putting greens manufactured with UV-stabilised and manufactured fibres that naturally stand up to any heavily used areas. The perfect roll is produced by the fibres being bent over, giving no unrealistic rolls so that you have a surface to use all year round.

Need proof in person? just give us a call and one of our qualified representatives will bring our putting surface right to your location, so you can actually putt on it. Once you have putted on a European Golf Green, you will be convinced it is the “most realistic maintenance free synthetic putting surface in the world.”

Your Experience

A member of our sales team meets with each prospective Client for an initial evaluation of their individual requirements. At this first appointment the Client is presented with an information pack containing a sample of the product as well as a brief outline of its characteristics and installation process.

Based on the Customer’s personal requirements, a visual graphic design of the proposed green and a professional quotation are then produced respectively by our design and sales teams. Upon receipt of the client’s acceptance an installation date is then agreed.

The installation process is then completed with minimal disruption to the Client. Our qualified installers rigorously test the putting green to make sure it meets our very own exemplary standards and we make it an absolute must that before the project is signed off, you the Client, are completely delighted with the end result and your very own European Golf Green. European Golf pride themselves on their after sales services and make it a priority to keep in contact with each Client and assist with any queries. At European Golf each job is given 100% dedication by their qualified and successful team, from our sales directors to our installation technicians.

Why Use European Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass Low Maintenance
Artificial Grass Pet Friendly
Synthetic Grass Durable
Artificial Grass No Mud
Artificial Lawn Looks Real
No Extra Costs
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European Golf Endorsements
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