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Putting training aid

The European Golf Training Aid is “The Best All-in-one Putting Trainer Ever Developed!”European Golf are a team made up of passionate golfers. We believe that our unique Training Aid Putting Green will help golfers of all levels develop their stance, alignment and club path, enabling accuracy and consistency every time. Our Putting Training Aid is suitable for both left and right hand players, TourLinks have labelled the putting green as “the best all in one putting trainer ever developed”. The Aid is made up of 7lb rugged panels, which are easily shipped and stored. You can leave your green in a permanent position or move it from one location to another, you have the accessibility to practice wherever and whenever you want.The Training Aid is available to purchase in three different lengths, 7 feet, 9 feet, and 13 feet. The product has been developed in order to provide the player with instant feedback on all aspects of their putting stroke through the use of the green. You can maintain face squareness at impact with the Stroke Goover Block and improve your alignment with the ball-marking tool. You will naturally acquire appropriate head and body positioning with the assistance from the alignment hash mark. The green provides the feel of a real playing surface, practice on the Training Aid, and you will soon see the results on the course.

Technology Advancements

In a time of vast technological advancement within all industries, even the most traditional of sports have adapted new technologies to create greater products. In this case, European Golf brings to you, a putting green that uses the same modular panel technology as a modular base. Moulded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation virtually effortless for any golfing enthusiast. Our putting greens have been designed to cover the following factors; durability, weather resistance, UV protection and colour safety.

Putting Training Aid Installation

15 minutes should be a sufficient amount of time to set up a Training Aid with only one person. The easiest installation method is either indoor or outdoor on a hard surface, whether it be tiles, carpet, or a wooden deck, the tiles will slide together with ease. You then need to tighten the panels with the screws and washers provided. Our products have been designed to ensure that installation will not become a stumbling block for any of our customers. You will also receive a complete installation instruction booklet, with step-by-step instructions. Once set up, you then have your very own Training Aid Putting Green, to practice whenever you want!Training Aids deliver positive feedback to all aspects of your stroke. Follow the club path down the String Guide. Maintain squareness at impact with the Stroke Groover Block. Improve your alignment with the Ball Marking Tool.Learn proper head and body position with the alignment Hash Mark. Create breaks with the Contour Mats and aim centre cup with the Cup Reducing Ring. Suitable for left and right hand golfers. The Training Aid is available in 9ft & 13ft lengths. It’s time to say goodbye to three putts forever!
Putting training aid
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    Head Alignment Guide
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    Stroke Block
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    String Guide
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    Contour Pads
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    Cup Reducing Ring
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    Ball Marking Device
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