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European Golf’s product portfolio isn’t just restricted to the golf industry, we are moving into other area in the sporting world. The knowledge we have on the golf turf we use and installed can be transferred to quality sport facilities.

Using synthetic turf for sporting activity is becoming more and more popular with many facilities from schools, colleges and universities to professional training centres and sports stadiums all embracing the product.

There is often the need to be able to stage a variety of sports and sometimes other events on an outdoor grass turfed pitch or area. Natural grass turf pitches do not stand up to this kind of use and so restrict the sports facility from being able to offer a wider range of events. A pitch made of synthetic turf will however withstand quite substantial use whatever result in less down time of the area and in doing not only for more events but potentially for more revenue and a reduction in lost revenue.

An additional natural turf pitches suffer in bad weather so in climates where there is frequent rain or conversely lots of dry, sunny weather, the surface and playing quality can be adversely affected. This in turn can result in periods of non use or poor use at the very least. There is also the cost of repairing and maintaining this type of pitch in order to render it useful on a regular basis and this can be considerable. However, with synthetic turf pitches, very little maintenance and very few repairs are needed.

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Artificial Grass Low Maintenance
Artificial Grass Pet Friendly
Synthetic Grass Durable
Artificial Grass No Mud
Artificial Lawn Looks Real
No Extra Costs
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European Golf Endorsements
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