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European Golf are non Franchised market leader in delivering the very best synthetic golf practice facilities available in Europe today. The company was created over 7 years ago by professional golfers who expect nothing but the best in performance, reliability and realism for greens.

Since then we have grown and been able to provide design and turf facilities in varying scenarios all across Europe, but all of the time offering the high quality that is expected from European Golf.

Coupled with their realism, European Golf’s synthetic greens require NO watering, feeding, mowing or weeding, which means they often prove to be the most low maintenance and cost effective solution available. Our portfolio has expanded and now means we can offer facilities such as, golf greens, indoor golf, winter tees, short course, training aids, sports facilities, lawns, golf teaching studios, walkways right thru to a full golf course design and installation and adventure golf solutions.

By working directly with manufacturers the exceptionally high quality of the artificial turf is maintained, so that when it is laid by qualified and highly experienced installers, it provides golfers with a surface that performs exactly as a realistic green would be expected to.

Cottingham Parks lnstall 2015

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